About FP

In the Beginning

Hi, my name is Leroy. I started my free sampling hobby in January, 2008 and was hooked instantly. I would spend hours each day reading other freebie blogs and forums, as well as running searches on several search engines trying to find undiscovered freebies. I loved to pass on my free samples and freebies finds to anyone who cared. I became somewhat frustrated with trying to sort the good free stuff from the scams, very limited location offers, business-only samples, and not-quite-freebies where some committment or cost was part of the deal. Soon, though, my mailbox began to fill up with neat free stuff and free samples, and it wasn't long before it felt like Christmas every day.

This blog was launched in March, 2008 to create a central location where I could post my free stuff finds for my mom and close friends, but it quickly gained a strong following of folks from all over the US and elsewhere who shared my interest in No Strings free samples and free stuff, as well as my frustration with existing freebies sites that had a few diamonds in a lot of rough. A few months after launch there was enough interest from international free samples foragers to expand the site to include freebies available in the UK, France, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. My mom is so proud :)

What We Do

The FP makes serious efforts to ensure all posted freebies are legit, safe, offered by responsible and legal outlets, and do not require anything more than 1) filling out a single form 2) a form + survey 3) a quick phone call 4) emailing a request or 5) picking up a freebie being offered at a store (such as a free can of soda). Though some free stuff offers may require signing up for an account on the sponsor site, we will not post links to free stuff offers or sites where a purchase or other commitment is required.

All free stuff links are offered here free of charge from this site in the hopes that other free samples foragers can enjoy getting free stuff!

We post only links to folks who want to GIVE YOU free samples. These aren't industry or business free samples which are only expected to go out to professional buyers, these are available as free stuff for the everywoman/everyman in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, and across the world.

Free Stuff links are checked for spam, malware, and scams, but this site and its owners are not responsible in any way for you visiting any free stuff link posted. Always run virus protection, a firewall, and never, ever give out your social security number, credit card, or bank account numbers. We will never (knowingly) link to any site that requires any of these, and we highly recommend never completing any free stuff offer which requires them.

Please Note

Free Stuff offers may expire without warning or become unavailable at any time, and some free samples offers will go very fast or have small amounts of freebies available. Sponsors of the offers are solely responsible for all aspects of your free samples requests, including collecting your address, shipping the free stuff, and any communication with you required. FP offers no warrantees or guarantees, and accepts no liability for any issues arising from these free stuff offers. Click free stuff links and complete free samples offers at your own risk.

Contact us

If you have problem about the website please contact us.