HP CP2025n

HP CP2025n review

HP's CP2025n is the cheapest and most tasty printer on test. lt's conjointly the littlest, thus would be ideal if house is an issue in your faculty. All constant, that tiny} size does not necessarily mean it has little to offer.

For a start, it's easy to install, either on a single pc or over a network. The CP2025n encompasses a 10/100 Ethernet affiliation and no wireless connectivity, however it's extremely simple to set up on the network to either a switch or router. In fact, HP's browser-based tools create ending all tasks a simple experience.

Despite its compact size, the printer still manages to cram in a 250-sheet paper tray, and a further 50-sheet flap that may support transparencies, card and different varieties of media.

Print quality is one in all the HP's strengths, with glorious results each for black-and-white text and color graphics. The CP2025n conjointly did a extremely good job of printing images, with virtually inkjet-quality results. Of all the printers in this test, the HP was the one where youngsters were most visibly shocked by the output.

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