How to Repair a Torn Painting

Do you have a painting that got torn? whether or not it’s an old family heirloom or a priceless masterpiece, you have a few of roads that you will take to urge it repaired. you can take the economical road, and do it yourself, otherwise you will take the expensive road and call a professional to come back in and repair it for you. If it’s just a few of small tears that need to be mounted, it probably wouldn’t be worthwhile to call during a professional. However, if the entire painting is in shambles, and it desires more than alittle touch up, you'll not need to do it yourself.

Things you'll need

a piece of Adhesive Contact Paper
Painter’s Tape
Some Touch-up Paint


Cut out a piece of adhesive paper just slightly bigger than the world of the tear. You don’t have to be compelled to use a full ton of this, just enough to cover the world and provide a backdrop for the tear so that it will stay in place.

Lay the painting down on a hard floor or tabletop.

arrange the torn space of the painting so that it's natural. sometimes the tears will overlap one another in a method that you simply wouldn’t even apprehend that it was torn. but sometimes this isn’t the case. this will be troublesome, but do the best you can in attempting to save the integrity of the first design.

Apply the painter’s tape to the tear. this will keep the canvas in place while you apply the contact paper within the back.

Flip the painting over, so that it’s lying on the floor face down.

Apply the contact paper to the torn space. after you apply it, put it down slowly. begin with one edge of the paper and lay it down gently to the opposite facet. this will ensure that it lays on the canvas straight and doesn’t get any air bubbles.

remove the painter’s tape. it will help to get the tape slightly bit moist before your remove it. That method none of the painting comes up with the tape.

bit up as required.

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