When I try to print a page, I only get part of the page. Do I have to do something special to make the whole page print?

This problem can be caused by one of two things. In one case the template was interrupted while downloading and is showing incomplete on your screen and also prints incomplete. The second problem can be related to your computer memory. To solve the problem try these steps:
Step 1 - Reload the template page.
Hold the CTRL key and press F5. This forces your browser to reload the page from our web server and ignore any cached information that may be saved on your computer. If this works the image will now show complete on your screen.

Step 2 - Free up your computer memory.
Some of our templates are quite large and require a lot of computer resources to print. (A good example are the mini-books on dltk-teach.com) Large images like these need a lot of free memory. When your page doesn't print or only partially prints try freeing up some memory:
bullet Reboot your computer and start again fresh.
bullet To prevent this problem from occurring, in the future reduce the number of templates you're trying to print at one time (give your printer a chance to get part way or all the way through the template before moving to the next).
bullet Be aware that the color templates are larger files than the B&W ones so you'll need to give the printer extra time to get through those.