Why am I unable to view or print the images / templates?

A: We have had new problems with viewers not being able to view or print the images. We have discovered that the problem is with Internet Explorer or other browsers using graphics accelerator features. The fixes are found in the links below. By disabling/turning off the accelerator features in the browser the images can be viewed and therefore the viewer can print. It seems that that the accelerator feature will either hide the images or convert them into a different format that reduces its size - it depends on the type of accelerator and browser the viewer has installed.
(Solution #4 usually resolves the issue - turn off accelerator.)
(In some cases the only way to resolve the issue is getting this fix from Microsoft or wait until the fix comes in the next update or installing a different browser. A couple of viewers have switched to another browser to be able to print.)
(Some specific video cards that do not work with Internet Explorer.)